Monday, June 11

We're out. Return later, please.


Guess what I've noticed. I've noticed that if you want to have a successful blog you have to write and update a Lot. And in order to update a lot you have to enthusiastic. I'm not enthusiastic anymore. I'm bored. Let's face it, I always eat the same breakfast. I also always eat it in the same place. What is more, blogger's new updating system puts me off and my computer never really got along with Essi's camera for some reason. So this all equals to a break. A break until me myself am not so utterly bored by my own blog. Maybe in July when I have photos from me and Sanna's trip to New York, or maybe in the autumn when me and Essi get that long awaited change in scenery, maybe then I'll finally be exited about this thing again. Maybe then I'll know how to really do this and maybe it'll even be fun!

Until we meet again!