Wednesday, September 28

Day 58


Grapes, a very old nectarine with yogurt, two nice slim slices of breakfast bread with butter.

The lesson of the day, or rather this whole start of the week I believe is this. Don't panic. If things don't go as planned, it doesn't really matter as long as you keep calm and don't freak out. Just go with what you have, be spontaneous, don't give up. Adapt to the resources and things you already have on hand. One should never take life, nor birthday presents or baking, too seriously. Just keep on waltzing.

Day 57


Yogurt with müesli and nuts, a pear, a slice of breakfast bread with butter, berry soup.

Day 56


Oat meal with pear nut and apple compote and honey, yogurt with müesli, half a banana.

Sunday, September 25

Day 55


Chamomile tea, yogurt with homemade apple&cinnamon compote and pecans, an apple, müesli bread with cheese. Essi had the same, except not an apple but a kiwi, different bread and different tea. Not so the same afterall, now that I think of it.

Day 54


The same smoothie as the day before, yogurt with honey, müesli bread toasted and buttered, an apple.

Day 53


A slice of multigrain bread, yogurt with grapes (and honey?), pomegranate, blueberry and acai berry smoothie (Innocent).

Day 52


Yesterday's fruit salad, a slice of rye bread, yogurt with honey.

Wednesday, September 21

Day 51


Oat meal with cranberry & apple compote and honey, yogurt with müesli and honey, half a banana, chamomile tea.

Yes, I do realize you can't actually see the breakfast in the picture. I was suddenly just so fascinated by this button point of view this morning!

Day 50


A slice of rye bread, yogurt with grapes, chamomile tea, a glass of multifruit juice.

Tuesday, September 20

Important message!

Dearest readers,

I have a favor to ask you all. I've just sent my application to Quality Hunters season 2, a travel project powered by Finnair and the Helsinki airport. Now, I need your help. I'm not sure if this matters in who gets picked for one of the seven positions, but just in case, could you all hop to this page HERE, and hit "like" at the bottom of the page? It would mean so much to me, I so so So want this job. Thank you in advance! You rock!

Monday, September 19

Day 49


Oat meal with spicy apple compote and nuts, yogurt, chamomile tea with honey, a pear. No nutella :(

Day 48


A feast! Croissant with Nutella, yogurt with honey, chamomile tea, red currants. Essi had green tea, yogurt with honey, two slices of sunflower seed bread with Nutella and a kiwi.

I think I'm developing a rather serious crush on Nutella. But it's alright, my girlfriend already knows I have feelings for this velvety chocolate & hazelnut spread. Conveniently enough, she's in love with it as well.

Day 47


A slice of rye bread, yogurt, kiwi slices.

Day 46


A slice of rye bread, yogurt with pear & apple compote and an apple.

Thursday, September 15

Day 45


Oat meal with homemade pear & nut compote (thanks Fanni!), butter and honey, yogurt with honey, a nectarine.

Wednesday, September 14

Bet you didn't see this one coming!

Meanwhile in the banana party:

Day 44


A nectarine, yogurt with müesli , blueberries and strawberries.

Tuesday, September 13

Day 43


Oat meal with blueberries and strawberries, yogurt, a nectarine and, finally, after all this time, ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to goat's milk latte! Although a tad stronger than in Edinburgh, the coffee was different. Delicious, still!

Monday, September 12

Day 42


Scrambled eggs, carrot bread with cheese, yellow kiwi with pear and banana, yogurt with honey.

Peculiarly enough, it seems we were out of all the other colored food today than yellow.

Day 41


A karelian pie with brie, banana with kiwi, yogurt with honey.

Day 40


Oat meal with cinnamon and pine nuts plus butter, kiwi with grapes, yogurt.

Day 39


An apple, yogurt with grapes and honey, carrot bread with cheese.

Day 38: In a hurry


Oat meal with cinnamon and butter, yogurt with honey, grapes.

This is the kind of photos you get when in a horrible rush to leave for work. Sorry!

Still alive!

I'm not dead! Just been away from home for a few days. Tune back later on today for five new posts!

Ps. Thanks for your comments so far! I love the sight of a new comment or two in the morning.

Wednesday, September 7

Day 37


Apple & cinnamon muffins, yogurt plain, chamomile tea (Essi had green with rose), nectarine with grapes.

Dearest readers, I know you're out there (Blogger stats told me). Commenting is very much encouraged. You don't need to sign in on blogger to comment, you can just choose anonymous when leaving a comment (yet, it is encouraged to write your name in the end of your comment as well). Just remember the word verification test to proof you're not a spam robot. I tested it today and it ought to work just fine. So, go crazy! Leave a comment! It's sexy.

Edit 21.19: Dearest readers, it has come to my attention that the comments just won't play nicely with some of you no matter how you plead them, so I took the matter into my own hands, fiddled some settings and it should work better now. When you click on the comments it should open up a little new window just for comments and show the word verification and all in the same page. If not, just try and reload the front page first. Give it a try! If further problems occur, please let me know! So sorry for all the inconvenience.

Day 36


A boiled egg, yogurt with müesli (later on I added berries and buckthorn juice as it seemed a bit bland as it was before), nectarine with grapes.

Monday, September 5

Day 35


Fruit salad, buckthorn juice, oat meal with cashews, banana and blueberries.

Sucky picture was brought to you by Horrible Hunger which left no time for pictures better than this.

Sunday, September 4

Day 34


Gluten free French toast with apple and homemade apple jam, yogurt, blueberry rooibos.

So far, my job rocks!

Day 33


A nectarine, yogurt with honey, a slice of rye bread.

Friday, September 2

Day 32


A nectarine, yogurt plain, oat meal with butter, homemade buckthorn juice (I was so skeptical about this at first, but actually it's really good!), chamomile juice with honey.

I've just finished my morning yoga. I'm having this for breakfast. I'm wearing my brand new super soft cardigan. I'm starting at my new job today. I love my girlfriend more than ever. I just discovered Katie Costello and am having her sing me breakfast songs. Sometimes things just click. No matter what's going to happen in the future, next week or even later on today, but right now I'm so happy I'm this close to start crying.

Thursday, September 1

Day 31: Prayers answered


Yogurt with honey, a slice of rye bread buttered, apple compote (thank you Maija! It's delish).

Yes yes YES, thank you thank you thank you world!! I GOT A JOB! Starting tomorrow! So excited!! AAGH!

Day 30


Grapes, yogurt with honey, the frozen companion from day 25.

Guess what. Now it's finally here. A friend of mine told me a few days back that she's seen goat's milk in Raksila Citymarket! I'm yet to go get some for myself, but can't wait!!