Monday, September 12

Day 39


An apple, yogurt with grapes and honey, carrot bread with cheese.


Drieth said...

Evening luv,

I just have to ask what kind of cheese you have there?? And where did you get the carrot bread or were you the awzumness and baked it yourself??

Now I'm hungry and it's frigging.. What, past 1 am now? :'D past midnight munching FTW!

Maaret said...

Hi there!

Wow, questions! Actually that's just the regular 17% Oltermanni. I usually don't go for less fat cheeses, but with Oltermanni that just is the case. You know, on day 39 I was at Essi's, so the bread n fact is gluten free carrot bread from the freezer. Can't remember the brand but at least all bigger markets sell it in yellow packages, four breads a package, they're actually really good! Just a bit costy, being gluten free.

Midnight munches yay!