Sunday, December 25

Happy Holidays!

Sorry about the crappy quality, my poor camera doesn't know how to cope with darkness. Hope this brings you joy in any case!

Thursday, December 15

Day 134


Two kiwis, yogurt with goji berries, a bit dry müesli bread.

Christmas is almost here! So much awesome to come! Can't wait! Can you?

Day 133


Yogurt with goji berries, a banana, rye bread.

Day 132


A (laughing, it seems) tangerine, a pear, yogurt with raspberry honey, rye bread.

Day 131


Crisp bread with cheese, a tangerine, pineapple-blood orange juice, yogurt with super duper delicious raspberry honey. Seriously, so delicious.

Day 130


Crisp bread with cheese, a persimon, yogurt, a glass of pineapple-blood orange juice.

Day 129


Two tangerines, crisp bread with cheese, yogurt.

Saturday, December 10

Day 128


A persimon, yogurt with pistachios, macadamia nuts and apricots, sunflower seed bread (sorry, there was still some left after all) with coconut oil and cheese.

I have a feeling that one breakfast went missing, but I have no idea which one and where, and the numbers still match, so it can't be. Oh well.

Time for a quick what's hot and what's not! You know you like it.

What's hot:
  • Snow! Haha, I know, snow is cold. But in any case we have it and it rocks!
  • Winter. Christmas mood. Gingerbread people/cats/giraffes/butterflies. Planning and buying christmas presents for others. Christmas stuff, you know. It's only two weeks to christmas and it's all so soon and sudden! Go out there! Enjoy christmas things while you still can! You still there by your computer? Don't be! Shoo! Or at least put some christmassy music on.
  • Persimons. They rock rock rock my world. Even more so with the fact that they're only available at this time of year.
  • My job.
  • Christmas. Again. Because it deserves to be mentioned twice, that's just how awesome christmas is.
  • Still, my girlfriend. Love you, baby!
  • That all my friends are coming to visit their parents here at Oulu over the holidays and I get to see you guys! It's awesome!
  • My blonde hair. Sorry, but it just is.
What's not:
  • My Manuka honey jar is almost empty and the website I order it from ate my discount code when I tried to order more! Damn you!
  • The minute I turn my back for a day or two, Care2 is flooding my email with interesting news around the world and I don't have the time to read them! Agh! Damn you, Care2, for being so interesting but having a pace impossible to follow.
  • Being able to save so little money a month. Might have to get a second job next year. Very thankful for at least this one job I have at the moment, though. oh so thankful.
Hm, I think we've reached the rare occasion where that's all the not hot I can think of right now. Yay!

Have a lovely Sunday tomorrow you all!

Day 127


A persimon, the last of sunflower seed bread (Finally!) with coconut oil, yogurt.

Day 126


Two tangerines, blueberry yogurt (turkish yogurt and blueberry cordial, that is.) with goji berries, müesli bread with coconut oil.

Day 125


Oatmeal with coconut oil, pistachios and macadamia nuts & goji berries, hot blueberry cordial (delicious!) and yogurt. Oh, and two tangerines.

Day 124


Yogurt with grapes and müesli, oatmeal with coconut oil, honey, a pear and walnuts.

Day 123


Yogurt with grapes and müesli, sunflower seed bread with coconut oil and cheese, a pear.

Day 122


Half a honey crunch apple, yogurt with goji berries, some müesli bread with coconut oil, and something I had a really, Really hard time remembering what it was. Damn, I have to start updating more regularly, it's getting easier and easier to forget what the heck was it that I ate a week ago for breakfast regardless of the photos. Anyway, turns out it was a strawberry-kiwi-persimon smoothie.

Day 121


Oatmeal with dried blueberries and cocoa nibs, half a banana, coconut oil and honey, I believe. Also yogurt from this super cute and my new favourite cup I got from work. You know, I wouldn't like to boast, but I just have to tell you that my job just rocks most of the time. Just the other day, some handmade belgian truffles arrived, and so we had some truffles for breakfast. It was a good day.

Day 120


A pear, a tangerine, a slice of sunflower seed bread with coconut oil, yogurt with müesli and honey. I honestly have no recollection of what those big blobs were in my yogurt.

Agh, sorry for my over-a-week-long absence! It sucks, I know. But I'm here now! I was kinda thinking of a christmas calendar sort of thing, something nice for every day, but it kinda just went. And now it's already the 10th, no point in doing a thing like that anymore, now is there. Unless I come up with something really rad.

Thursday, December 1

Hair news

Okay you little buggers, I was hoping to have a new photo taken of my new hair by now, but I don't. So here's a photo from a week ago. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever on this blog, the blonde me and my girlfriend.


Day 119


Rye and sunflower seed bread with goat's cheese and honey, a pear, yogurt.

Day 118


Two crisp breads with cheese, two tangerines, yogurt.

Day 117


Oatmeal with coconut oil, honey and banana, yogurt and a tangerine.

Day 116


Green grapes, yogurt with honey, müesli bread with coconut oil.

Day 115


Yogurt, rye with coconut, a banana.

Day 114


An apple, rye with coconut, yogurt with müesli.