Tuesday, August 30

Day 29 and a guest


Hey guys, I just realized this morning that what I call porridge is actually called oat meal, right? Exactly! So, today I had oat meal with cinnamon and honey, grapes and yogurt with blueberries (I know, they're really bilberries, but I'll just call them blueberries to avoid confusion).

Also hey look who popped in to read a book in my bedroom yesterday! Why, if it isn't miss Jolie herself!


Actually no, it isn't. It's Fanni. Thank heavens it is, in fact. No disrespect to Angelina here, but I much rather have my dear wife visit me to spend the day with.

Oh, what I wouldn't give right now to wake up a few hours later, when it would be a sensible hour to wake up in that time zone, in that huge fat bed at that Best Western hotel in Maryland I was a few years back. Stroll down to have breakfast in that huge breakfast hall downstairs, make some waffles or toast a bagel, wrap up a little scrambled egg sandwich to be eaten later on. Then head out for a walk through the borough, heading to the subway and be on my way to D.C. Let me paint you a word picture. Try to imagine a crisp, bright as ever november day in Maryland. Leaves all multicolored and the smell of autumn lingering in the air as you shuffle your way through huge buildups of leaves on the sidewalk. There are newspapers on people's lawns, all wrapped up and yet to be collected for breakfast in the big, oh so american homes that you pass by. It's rather quiet here in the borough, aside from an occasional leaf blower or someone raking up the leaves on big piles, just to redo it all the following day after wind has blown it all over again during the day. While crossing a Huge wide highway, at least eight lanes side by side, you stop on the overpass for a moment just to let your eyes rest on the people in their cars on their way to work. Finally you reach the subway and are on your way to the city. Luckily you brought a book, the trip takes at least half an hour!

Almost at any given minute I miss New York City more than I can bare. But these sunny autumn days just bring D.C. in my mind so vividly.

On a not-so-completely other note, please, life, give me a break. Please give me a job so I can safe up some money for a nice long trip in the states and all over. Have I not had enough setbacks already?

Monday, August 29

Day 28


Chamomile tea with honey, porridge with coconut jam, blueberries, banana and nuts.

Hey peeps! I made Lucy Knisley's chai latte syrup yesterday, it was delicious and you should make it, too. In fact, you should already be making it, that's how delicious it is. Right now. Go, go make it! Run to your kitchens, run! Oh you're not there yet? What if I tell you that it tastes almost exactly like Robert's coffee's chai latte when you pour this in hot milk when it's all ready and done? I know, run!


Click HERE to get to a bigger version of the recipe and to Lucy's awesome blog. She also lives in New York nowadays, oh I'm so jealous of her. Or, anybody living there, really.

I had something buuhuu to write here today, but actually writing about the syrup cheered me up so much that I don't even feel like buuhuuing anymore! Haa! In your face, buu!

Sunday, August 28

Day 27


I had a nectarine, scrambled eggs, yesterday's oatmeal cinnamon flat scone and yogurt with honey. Oh, and chamomile tea. Essi had in fact the same. But green tea, and more scones.

Day 26


I had chamomile tea with honey (I surprise even myself: this tastes wonderful), a karelian pie with organic brie, red currants, yogurt (from new sweet bowls!) with honey. Essi had rooibos tea with honey, a grapefruit, toast with brie and yogurt with müesli.

Day 25


Half a grapefruit, red currants with yogurt, rye bread in pieces as it was very reluctant to be taken apart from it's frozen companion. Wow, that sounded dramatic.

Thursday, August 25

Day 24


Red grapes, a nectarine, yogurt with müesli, blueberries and raspberries.

Day 23


A slice of the ever so tasty fruity breakfast bread, yogurt with honey, a green apple, a yellow kiwi, green tea.

Tuesday, August 23

Day 22 plus a tiny battle


Yogurt with raspberries, tiny porridge with some nuts and banana, a nectarine.

Yesterday I bought a little electric whisk kinda thing that was on sale at Stockmann, not exactly adverticed to froth milk but I knew it could do just that, too. Yes, it Is rather hard to make lattes and cappuccinos without one. Not impossible, but it's a bit too much of a fuss. Anyway, when I got home it broke immediately when I got it out from it's package! But a tiny battle between me and the new little broken thing plus one sliced-open finger and some glue later, I won! I got it fixed! Haa, nice try, small kitchen appliance world but you'll have to try harder if you want to beat me! (Although, please don't. Let's be friends instead.)

Monday, August 22

Day 21


Fruity breakfast bread with butter, yogurt with nuts and honey, an apple. I love autumn apples. Just see how perfect that one is? So pale, so crunchy, so new.

Sunday, August 21

Day 20


PANCAEKS FOR TWO. With various toppings. Life's good.

Oh, also a sock-rocker latte, not in the picture though. Life's even better.

Day 19


Yogurt with honey, a nectarine, fruity breakfast bread (this bread rocks, go get a loaf from Stockmann!) with Appenzeller cheese.


Essi had a banana, yogurt with müesli and honey and oat bread with the same cheese.

Oh! The book underneath is Jamie's 30 minute meals I got from Sanna as a late birthday gift. She rocks my world and the book rocks my socks. Just saying.

Friday, August 19

Day 18


Yogurt, cappuccino, slice of watermelon, seed croissant. It was delicious!

Thursday, August 18

Day 17


Two slices of olive bread, a fried egg, yogurt with black currants, 5 fruit juice, hot chocolate with ginger.

Hey, you can't always shine with photos, especially when this kind of breakfast is waiting for You and you only to nom the hell out of it, it's raining outside and you're hungry.

Wednesday, August 17

Day 16


Porridge with blueberries and banana, yogurt with raspberries.

Tuesday, August 16

Day 15


Goat's milk yogurt (!!! Do you realize how great this is! It means they might actually start selling goat's milk in the groceries which means the super bestest lattés ever!) with honey and pine nuts, a karelian pie, a few slices of deliciously crunchy Fuji apple and a peach.

Day 14


A slice of rye bread with butter, an apple, yogurt with red currants.

Monday, August 15

I think we have to set some ground rules here.

Hey, um. No picture? Yes, ahem, you know the thing is I remembered to have breakfast, I remembered to take a photo but what I did not remember was that that without my computer here at my girlfriend's place I can't edit the photos. Yikes! Also my computer is pretty heavy to carry. So, from now on, I'll update for every day, yes, but with a slight delay in cases where I've been away from home and my computer. Okay? Sounds reasonable? I thought so.

So, tune in.. I think tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow.

Sunday, August 14

Day 13


Red currants and red grapes, yogurt with organic nuts, matcha tea.

This is for all those who draw. Also, our freezer is truly exploding with red currants. Perfect!

Saturday, August 13

Day 12


Müesli with milk and blueberries, boiled egg, apple + kiwi + lime smoothie (Innocent). Oh, matcha tea, also.

Friday, August 12

Day 11


Yogurt, an apple, a slice of rye bread, rooibos with campher and honey.

Look, Insanely wonderful clouds outside! Look at them! Look at them right now! What do you mean "it's now 26 hours after you posted this" or "yeah, maybe in Finland there is"? Look outside anyway! Give those clouds some attention, whatever they're like!

Thursday, August 11

Day 10


Inspiration, yogurt with cereal and red currants and pine nuts + honey, a clementine, rooibos with campher and honey. Essi had something so early and so fast I didn't have time to photograph (school started again today, you know how mornings are).

My goodness, did you see that? Yesterday was the 100th post on this blog! Good job, me!

Wednesday, August 10

Day 9


Yogurt with red grapes and blueberries, toast with peanut butter, red currants and rooibos with campher oil and honey. Essi had yogurt with red grapes and blueberries (yes, they're somewhere in there under the banana) and banana, toast with butter and cheese and Morning time tea.

I think I sold my soul today, I went and bought skinny jeans. Yikes! The strangers! They can see my legs now! Unheard of!

Tuesday, August 9

Day 8


Red currants and blueberries, rye bread with butter, yogurt with cereal and honey, camphor oil with hot water and honey. Essi had a fruit salad (nectarine, blueberries and red grapes), cereal with milk and toast with peanut butter.

Monday, August 8

Day 7 plus a cake feast!


My favourite porridge (the same as the other day, organic porridge, blueberries, banana, nuts, goji and chocolate), some apple, red currants, camphor oil with hot water and honey for my cough.

Yesterday there was a feast! with my dear wife (not by law, no), Fanni. Here's the evidence.


Yes, we ate it all. It was gooood.

Sunday, August 7

Day 6


Today we have a special guest, Essi, my lovely girlfriend. Or her breakfast, at least. And no, we were not breakfasting during an earthquake, the cups just thought so.

Homemade yogurt and goji (Essi's with müesli), multifruit salad (apple, nectarine, watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, red grapes), grapefruit juice with hot water and honey. Essi also had oat bread with goat cheese spread.

Home remedies for an aggressive cough? Anyone?

Saturday, August 6

Day 5


Organic porridge with blueberries, banana, organic nuts, goji and chocolate (this is my new porridge combination favourite), homemade yogurt, green rose tea.

Friday, August 5

Day 4


Homemade yogurt with grapes, watermelon, berry porridge (porridge with lingonberry, puréed. Maybe it's a finnish thing. Mom made it.) with red currants, the first cappuccino I ever made myself.

Sometimes breakfast is accidental art. Just look at that yogurt!

Also, look at this beauty I got yesterday! It's so small and cute and red and! It grinds my coffee beans which means some serious coffee making is finally happening in here which means better coffee. This, I like.

Ps. Oh, so This is how all you cool kids do it! I see, I see. Photobucket helps tremendously with the quality of the photos. I shall do it with the previous ones as well immediately!

Thursday, August 4

Day 3


Homemade yogurt with nectarine, blueberries and red currants with macadamia nuts and goji, green rose tea (which was, for Sanna's information, delicious!). I was considering porridge, but this really is all I seem to fancy on mornings these days.

Wednesday, August 3

Day 2



Red currants, homemade yogurt with blueberries (bilberries!), a slice of wholegrain bread (I guess) with cheese, red grapefruit juice with hot water.

Ps. If anybody knows how to prevent blogger from making my photos look so much worse than on phoshop, please do tell.

Tuesday, August 2

Day 1


Here it is! First breakfast picture. Yogurt with nuts and goji berries, strawberry + blueberry + pineapple smoothie from yesterday, a peach. Also lemon with hot water to fight my upcoming flu, but the pictures were ugly, so.

Hm, it really seems to me that blogger, then again, likes to have the colours of my pictures for breakfast. Oh well. I guess it has to have something for breakfast, too.

Off to pick red currants! Whee!