Monday, August 29

Day 28


Chamomile tea with honey, porridge with coconut jam, blueberries, banana and nuts.

Hey peeps! I made Lucy Knisley's chai latte syrup yesterday, it was delicious and you should make it, too. In fact, you should already be making it, that's how delicious it is. Right now. Go, go make it! Run to your kitchens, run! Oh you're not there yet? What if I tell you that it tastes almost exactly like Robert's coffee's chai latte when you pour this in hot milk when it's all ready and done? I know, run!


Click HERE to get to a bigger version of the recipe and to Lucy's awesome blog. She also lives in New York nowadays, oh I'm so jealous of her. Or, anybody living there, really.

I had something buuhuu to write here today, but actually writing about the syrup cheered me up so much that I don't even feel like buuhuuing anymore! Haa! In your face, buu!

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