Friday, August 5

Day 4


Homemade yogurt with grapes, watermelon, berry porridge (porridge with lingonberry, puréed. Maybe it's a finnish thing. Mom made it.) with red currants, the first cappuccino I ever made myself.

Sometimes breakfast is accidental art. Just look at that yogurt!

Also, look at this beauty I got yesterday! It's so small and cute and red and! It grinds my coffee beans which means some serious coffee making is finally happening in here which means better coffee. This, I like.

Ps. Oh, so This is how all you cool kids do it! I see, I see. Photobucket helps tremendously with the quality of the photos. I shall do it with the previous ones as well immediately!


Iina said...

Lovely. I wish my breakfasts looked like this instead of the typical "scrambled egg eaten off the frying pan"...

Maaret said...

Oh, but I think that sounds rather lovely as well! So homey. I would eat my scrambled eggs off the frying pan, too, if I lived by myself and wasn't going to show a picture of it to anyone.