Tuesday, August 23

Day 22 plus a tiny battle


Yogurt with raspberries, tiny porridge with some nuts and banana, a nectarine.

Yesterday I bought a little electric whisk kinda thing that was on sale at Stockmann, not exactly adverticed to froth milk but I knew it could do just that, too. Yes, it Is rather hard to make lattes and cappuccinos without one. Not impossible, but it's a bit too much of a fuss. Anyway, when I got home it broke immediately when I got it out from it's package! But a tiny battle between me and the new little broken thing plus one sliced-open finger and some glue later, I won! I got it fixed! Haa, nice try, small kitchen appliance world but you'll have to try harder if you want to beat me! (Although, please don't. Let's be friends instead.)

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