Saturday, December 10

Day 128


A persimon, yogurt with pistachios, macadamia nuts and apricots, sunflower seed bread (sorry, there was still some left after all) with coconut oil and cheese.

I have a feeling that one breakfast went missing, but I have no idea which one and where, and the numbers still match, so it can't be. Oh well.

Time for a quick what's hot and what's not! You know you like it.

What's hot:
  • Snow! Haha, I know, snow is cold. But in any case we have it and it rocks!
  • Winter. Christmas mood. Gingerbread people/cats/giraffes/butterflies. Planning and buying christmas presents for others. Christmas stuff, you know. It's only two weeks to christmas and it's all so soon and sudden! Go out there! Enjoy christmas things while you still can! You still there by your computer? Don't be! Shoo! Or at least put some christmassy music on.
  • Persimons. They rock rock rock my world. Even more so with the fact that they're only available at this time of year.
  • My job.
  • Christmas. Again. Because it deserves to be mentioned twice, that's just how awesome christmas is.
  • Still, my girlfriend. Love you, baby!
  • That all my friends are coming to visit their parents here at Oulu over the holidays and I get to see you guys! It's awesome!
  • My blonde hair. Sorry, but it just is.
What's not:
  • My Manuka honey jar is almost empty and the website I order it from ate my discount code when I tried to order more! Damn you!
  • The minute I turn my back for a day or two, Care2 is flooding my email with interesting news around the world and I don't have the time to read them! Agh! Damn you, Care2, for being so interesting but having a pace impossible to follow.
  • Being able to save so little money a month. Might have to get a second job next year. Very thankful for at least this one job I have at the moment, though. oh so thankful.
Hm, I think we've reached the rare occasion where that's all the not hot I can think of right now. Yay!

Have a lovely Sunday tomorrow you all!

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