Wednesday, September 7

Day 37


Apple & cinnamon muffins, yogurt plain, chamomile tea (Essi had green with rose), nectarine with grapes.

Dearest readers, I know you're out there (Blogger stats told me). Commenting is very much encouraged. You don't need to sign in on blogger to comment, you can just choose anonymous when leaving a comment (yet, it is encouraged to write your name in the end of your comment as well). Just remember the word verification test to proof you're not a spam robot. I tested it today and it ought to work just fine. So, go crazy! Leave a comment! It's sexy.

Edit 21.19: Dearest readers, it has come to my attention that the comments just won't play nicely with some of you no matter how you plead them, so I took the matter into my own hands, fiddled some settings and it should work better now. When you click on the comments it should open up a little new window just for comments and show the word verification and all in the same page. If not, just try and reload the front page first. Give it a try! If further problems occur, please let me know! So sorry for all the inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

That looks delicious !

Drieth said...

At last it works!

Now to the point.

I want that muffin. ಠ_ಠ

graffitihead said...

Look bb look look look look hey look look I'm leaving a comment now how sexy am I.

...what do you mean "like a boiled sewer rat". :|

INCIDENTALLY you should post photos of 30 Minute Meals when you make them. I know you do because I ordered you to.

Anonymous said...

Yritetään kommentoida (nämä kommenttiboksit todella vihaavat minua) ihan vaan sen vuoksi että haluan olla sexy ;D

Mullakin on tuollaisia muffinsivuokia, käytin niitä tupareissa taas pitkästä aikaa, jee 8D

The Unnamed

Liou said...


Maaret said...

Elisa: with reason, they were delicious!

Sanna: don't be ridiculous, dear, no-one would call you a boiled sewer rat. And yes, I'll post some pictures of them as soon as I remember to take photos when cooking something from the book :'D

Unna: Haha I know, tiesin että "it's sexy" olis aika hyvä catch. Ja nuo muffevuoat on käteviä ko ei tartu kii. Ja maailma pelastuuuu!