Saturday, November 1

Fed up.

These are the kind of days I wish I didn't live here at home. There's just something agonizing in being at home. Kind of like it was hard to breath. Although I'm not quite sure where I'd prefer to be if not here. Somewhere else, somewhere I feel good. And don't you dare to come telling me to think positive and see the good things in everything, I don't feel like it. Preferably come here, hold me and tell me it's okay to be who I am, that I'm important and truly matter no matter what I do and then get me drunk. Yes, three in the afternoon. Like it matters, anyway. Time's an illusion.

I haven't really felt very inspired by nearly anything lately. I'd just like to get some change. Leave. Do something different. Find new things and inspiration and maybe, just maybe, feel like doing the things I like again for a change. Alas, it'll be a damn long time before I get to leave and there'll be some big things to accomplish before I can go anywhere. And if I can't leave, I wish I could even feel nice and warm no matter where I was. Now there's something I'd like to learn.

My tea's gone cold. There's snow outside.


graffitihead said...

"-- and then get me drunk. Yes, three in the afternoon. Like it matters, anyway. Time's an illusion."

Pour me something tall and strong
Make it a hurricane before I go insane
It's only half past twelve but I don't care
It's five o'clock somewhere

graffitihead said...

And again - hey love, I'm sorry for tonight, my internet connection decided to be an arsehole and stop working, so I took an accidental nap and woke up at 10 and now I won't sleep all night. I love you, though. Me and my storyboards.

Anyway, I came here for a request! Recommend a nice recipe from Tessa, please? Something as cheap as possible? I'm sick of noodles and cabbage (MY GOD THE NEVERENDING CABBAGE) and want to try something New.

Although, yesterday I did make chopped asparagus stalks and pasta with fried peanuts (I fried and salted them myself!) and scrambled eggs. That was rather delicious with some mayo, if I may say so myself.

Maaret said...

It's alrights, I figured it must have been something like that, don't worry. Me and my kitchen love you too, but not the neverending cabbage, so here are some recipes I'd try if trying to find something tasty and cheap. I'm yet to try these myself, but as they are Tessa's recipes and look insanely good, they can't be bad. They just can't!

They are pictures, I scanned them.

Have you already tried this one? In case you haven't and have lost the recipe, here it is again.

And then something I Have tried and it proved to be delicious!

Wow, that sounds good, the yesterday's dinner. Nice combinations of flavours, I bet the asparagus and peanuts worked beautifully together. Oh, fried peanuts are wonderful, by the way. and Very easy to turn into peanutbutter!