Wednesday, February 18

The worst pies in London

Hey wow, hear this, world: I'm done with high school! Oh, yes I know, there are still some minor examination thingies to be done like, oh I don't know, French and Finnish and religion, but at least I have no courses left. No loong, endless hours in the chemistry class, nor in the Finnish classes or any freaking other class. Hehe, kinda nice feeling. At least now that I haven't still quite understood I'm out soon for real.

So, last Thursday we had penkkarit in school, the day which officially starts the lukuloma and ends the shcool work for the majority. The whole day was So much fun, triple the amount I had thought it would be. Everybody was dressed up as someone or something as was only right. Unna and I decided to go as Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett and I must say I'm quite proud of how the costumes turned out.


This is us, Unna on the left and me on the right. Picture taken by someone with Unna's camera in school.

IMG_3574 copy

Mrs. Lovett, me, again. In the same old place by the living room window where the light is best. Picture taken by me myself.

I wonder if I should put more photos from the penkkarit here, mainly from the costumes, but I don't really have anyone's permission. Oh well. Say if you'd prefer not to see yourself here, dear ladies and gentlemen, and I'll take your pictures right off. Unfortunately quite a lot of the pictures I had taken are so bad in quality that I won't bother to put them here at all. All these pictures are taken by me.

IMG_3474 copy

There were so many good costumes this year. These were absolutely some of the best. I can't possibly understand how they were able to paint the exact copies of these, they look so alike with the real ones! Rasvaton maito was perhaps my favourite of these. I'd tell you who the gals in the boxes are, but I have to confess, I can't remember their names. But the cacao girl is Sonja.

IMG_3477 copy

Some more in the same theme. The picture sucks big time, but it's the only one with Mrs. purkkpussi. Amazing work, I must say.

IMG_3478 copy

This one was also so brilliant. And oh, the perfume girl is the other half of our French course, Kristiina. I'm the other half, mind you. Yes, it's just the two of us this year.

IMG_3508 copy

Let me introduce you, Ernesto Che Guevara. This was my absolute favourite of all the costumes (outcluding my dear Mr. Todd, of course). No wonder there was some fifteen photos of him in my camera. The boy inside the costume is Samir.

IMG_3460 copy

This speaks for itself.

IMG_3524 copy

We had quite many group costumes this year which was great. Mario, Luigi and Peach.

IMG_3512 copy

And last but not least, a mushroom from Mario. I love this picture because of his lower lip and what ever is happening to it.

IMG_3614 copy

This picture is from jatkot, from Kaarleholvi. While others were dancing upstairs, I was downstairs, taking photos. Well okay, not quite but almost, at least. I didn't take but a few photos, the lightning was so bad it would've been no use to try take more. Nevertheless, the building was very old and beautiful, a very nice place to spend time in. I liked it a lot.

That was that, then. Random news as follows.

-Last weekend I was invited to two parties and I baked for both, but for some reason didn't take any pictures. Shame, really, I'm sure that Tall and creamy cheesecake and lime syrup would've been very American.

-Some days ago I was bored out of my skin since a certain someone is in Sweden till Thursday, but then I accidentally happened to find the Minimalist in the New York Times' site. I find Mark Bittman quite amusing, even though I was a bit suspicious at first. He's so entertaining in fact that I almost forgot to go to sleep! I would've liked to put a video clip here but don't know how, so you'll just have to imagine.

- One epic fail and one great tragedy: I was so sure I had lost my phone for good yesterday since I couldn't find it anywhere. After of a long and desperate search and giving up eventually, turned out it had hid itself under the newspaper on the living room table. Then yesterday I was washing the dishes and accidentally dropped my favourite glass pan on my right foot. Neither one was lucky, the pan broke and my foot swelled and bled the whole evening without me even noticing it. I do now, it hurts. A lot.

-You wouldn't believe how cold it has been this week. -22 C. I'm glad I'm soon leaving for somewhere a bit warmer HEY I HAVEN'T EVEN TOLD YOU. I think it's now safe enough to tell you without Murphy hearing. Knock on wood, still. I'm not only leaving school this year but also this country. Where? Guess.


See you in France, says the adventuring cook.


Kata said...

OH MAARET OH MAARET, your costume, I officially capslocked and keyboard-smashed all over it when I saw that picture. ;_; A complete cosplay- and costume nerd as I am I'm loving it to teeny tiny bits, I mean, the costume's real good but you? You make one helluva Mrs. Lovett. <3 Don't know why I never realized that, somehow I can just hear you calling everyone "love".

...Yosh, now to read the rest of the entry, kinda went hyper at the photo. XD

Maaret said...

Wow, that's quite a reaction you've got there, love. XD But thank you for it and the compliment! <3 Everyone liked our costumes very much at school, I was quite surprised how much everybody appreciated them. A group of girls in fact Screamed out of sheer smittenness when they saw Unna XD A fun day it was, yes.

..You know, could be because I actually do call a lot of people "love" or "dear" or something like that. Go figure.

Hey, it would be wonderful to meet you someday now that I'm still here and all. And it's been quite a while since I last saw you, haven't it?

graffitihead said...

Shit, shitshitshit, utter fucking fail - I want to say rather inappropriate things about that Ernesto costume. D: ("It's a nice outfit, Pelao, but I'd rather see you Out Of It.")

Maaret said...

With all my love, I'm quite happy you weren't in the same building with him all day. It could've been fortunate.

..You know, he even had the costume on in jatkot.

graffitihead said...

Never never never put me in the same room with an Ernesto impostor and a selection of alcoholic beverages. EVER.

...lucky for him, he's like, what, three years younger than I am? I would've gotten horrible pains of conscience at some point. Eugh, I'm a horrible old crone!