Friday, March 6

It's five o'clock somewhere

What? Lukuloma, was it? It sure does also carry a different name these days. 

Helloo March! Helloo exams! Helloo a very odd new way to spend a Wednesday evening! What better way to start the month but with random photos, especially after some quite photo lacking posts? That's what I thought, here we go! Random photo's from the last couple of weeks. This time with alternate texts!

For all those who hate broccoli - they won't after eating this.

This is the very delicious Broccoli and Apple Quiche from Clotilde's first book.

Winter flowers 

Iisa's place was full of beautiful little details like this.

We visited Iisa's new place last week and it was very beautifully decorated and stylish. It was a pleasure to photograph.

And this.

This one's from Iisa's place as well.

Aand then something completely else. Can you recognize the costume?

This one's from Bob to Tom, then. Emotionally yours. :D


Iisa said...

ooo bob dylan aaaaaaaaaa <3

graffitihead said...

Ah, well, sorry guys, I called dibs. In San Diego.

(Also, your skill of photography makes me want to eat my camera. Ever mentioned that?)

Iina said...

Eikä, ihanat kiharat <3 :D

Anonymous said...

No kommentoin nyt jotain XD Mollaan ihqja xD

The Unnamed

Maaret said...

Iisa: Ahaha, on melkein ihmeellistä miten tuo asu vetää kaikkia puoleensa. :D Ei vaan lakkaa hämmästyttämästä, täytyykin varmaan alkaa käyttää sitä useammin.

Sanna: Was it you or was it Waits perhaps? :D Or both?

(Nooo, don't eat your camera! It's unhealthy to yourself And to your own photography skills. Which are, by the way, pretty far above the level you think they are on.)

Iina: Kiitos :D Dylanilla on kiva tukka. Mutta Dylanin nenä vasta onkin jotakin, olisipa minullakin sellainen nenä. Sigh.

The Unnamed: Ha, vihdoin! :D Ja ollaan me aika, vaikka ite sanonki, tuo on hyvä kuva. Vaikka ollaanhan me tästä keskusteltu jo lukemattomia kertoja ennenkin XD

graffitihead said...

"Ahaha, on melkein ihmeellistä miten tuo asu vetää kaikkia puoleensa. :D"

Well DUH, woman, it's hotter than Margaritaville on a particular Sunday during the hurricane season, when the ice machine is broken and it's over 90 degrees in the shade and you're Still wearing your bermuda shirt.

(On a sidenote, holy shit, Brendan had sex with a girl. I don't know where to vent this out, because Twitter and blog are a no and I need to get this out of my system BECAUSE GODDAMNIT THIS DESERVES SOME CAPSLOCKING OF CONFUSION!)