Tuesday, October 4

Day 63


Oatmeal with spicy apple compote, pecans and honey, yogurt with strawberry purée and grapes, two small apples.

Something important: Dear friends and readers! I need your help! I just found out that it really Does matter how many votes I have on my application over at Quality Hunters! So please, please click yourself to THIS site by the end of the 5th october (that is tomorrow), roll to the end of the page and click "like" there, if you already haven't. It would really mean so very much to me. You see, all the applicants with significant number of "likes" have better chances to get chosen. The seven who get chosen to be the new Quality Hunters will travel the world for seven weeks with Finnair in search of quality. They will also blog about it, take photos and video and all that. So, if you'd like to read about my adventures around the world concentrating on food and quality, please help! I promise you loads of funny stories, wonderful photos and gorgeous videos if they choose me, and in making that happen you, yes You, can help me by just clicking "like" at the end of the page. Thank you so much in advance!

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