Wednesday, November 2

Day 92


Grapes, yogurt with walnuts, a tangerine, sesame crispbread with coconut oil. Yes, there seems to be alarmingly lots of it. But it's not butter, it's healthy. Don't judge me!

Back in the world of the poor lil' camera. But it's trying it's best!

Oh oh oh and look at those new plate and cup I got from work! They rock, I love them.

An now, at least for my own amusement, here's "what's hot and what's not" of the moment.

What's hot:
  • New hair plans. So excited! Just you wait and see, I'll show you when it's done. Don't hold your breath, though, it's going to take about three weeks to happen. That's a long time to hold your breath, you know.
  • THIS story. That's just so awesome beond words.
  • Yoga. It's fun and makes me feel better! I, who never really cared for sporty hobbies, considers yoga fun. Sometimes I surprise myself.
  • Coconut oil! Somewhat a life saver. So glad to have discovered it in all it's multipurposedness and glory.
  • The autumny soup I made yesterday which we're having for dinner in an hour or two. Yum yum.
  • Tegan and Sara. Since my poor iPod broke down over the summer, I've loaned my girlfriend's mp3 player. It doesn't play nicely with my computer, though, so the only songs I can listen to at the moment are the ones already in there. Luckily, there's Loads of Tegan and Sara in it, too, and that has quite made me fall in love with their music again. Especially this song, for some reason unknown, tickles my fancy.

  • Having a job. Learning new things. Coffee coffee coffee. Come get some from Kofeiinikomppania if you're in Oulu sometime! I guarantee we make better coffee & tea than most caf├ęs here. True story! Not just saying because I work there!
  • Essi. Haha, okay, sorry, I just had to. But it's true! I can honestly say my life would be so much poorer without her.
  • Curling up somewhere soft and warm, having something lovely to nibble on and some amusing series to watch. Which series do you enjoy watching?
What's not:
  • That it's freaking half past four and it's already dark outside. Insanity! No wonder this whole country is depressed, it's not easy to keep your spirits up all year long on these latitudes. If you don't believe me, just try and come spend a winter here, being Happy.
  • Not being in New York. Obviously. But I'm level with not being there right now because we're getting there eventually. It's okay.
  • That almost all my friends live so far away or are so busy that I never get to see them! I miss you, guys.
  • Random allergy that makes my nose run All. The. Time. And the new medication for it that doesn't work so well.
  • That my left leg just fell asleep! Damn you leg, how do you suppose I go get a fill up for my ridiculously huge water mug from the kitchen with only one functioning leg?!
Ha, almost twice as many hots as nots that I can think of right now, outcluding the obvious ones. Sometimes life's not half that bad.


iisameba said...

Yay for coconut oil and YAY for Tegan and Sara !

Oh, and that comment about Essi almost made me cry. Haha I'm such a softy sometimes. :----D


Maaret said...

Super yay for comments!

Coincidentally, guess which song I've been listening to over and over again all day long today :D I feel it in my bones. Yes, that's right, that's Your influence right there.

Aww, how sweet of you! Although I must confess that I was a little surprised to hear that from you. I'm not used to hear such "softy" things from you, you know :D

iisameba said...

My soft side emerges rarely and when you least expect it. 8)