Monday, May 19

Not every day can be good.

These things I really don't like or at least they're more bad than good to my saneness:
- I realize the amount of sleep I've had in the past week has been ridiculously low compared to the amount I'd need. And it's beginning to take it's toll.
- the so called lunch the school cafeteria offers is sometimes quite poor. One eats, yes, but the hunger comes back in no time.
- it's highly more likely to start snowing than shining. In the mid-May.
- the red tide is near.
- the movies we watch at school are about very sad things like losing a family or chaos and terrorists. Like the real world wouldn't already be full of those things.
- some tiny little things which seem quite meaningless but have in fact quite an effect on you.

Sometimes there are days when you come across a few of them. That I can handle. Sometimes there are days when you come across all and every single one of them. That I cannot handle and it shows.

The cure is this (or at least sometimes it could be):
- go home. Don't even try to meet anyone; it won't help a bit. Sometimes you even make things worse.
- EAT. First eat some proper Good food and then eat as many chocolate cookie leftovers from the birthdayparty at saturday as you need. If you don't have any chocolate cookie leftovers, get some. (Or some chocolate or what ever you crave for.)
- watch silly toaster pictures while listening to silly Dylan songs.
- have a loong nap with a loong cat. If you don't have a loong cat or any other kind of cat, for that matter, find yourself one.

After doing those things, I feel much better. Even the poor weather can't deject me!

Today is my very last day as an underaged person. I'm not quite sure if I should be scared of excited or what. But to be truthful, at the moment I do feel quite excited.

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