Tuesday, January 6

Risotto Tiem!

And the crowd cries "Noo! Not anoder one!", but yes! Yes, my dear friends, it really Is another risotto recipe! Whoo!

Well fine, I know there are quite a many of them already in this blog, the risottos. But hey, I really like risotto. And what is more, this one turned out really good, if I may say so myself.

Risotto! Can has!

Look at it! Just look at it! Magnificent, isn't it?  Risotto in general, I mean of course, the picture isn't really a winner of any sort. But one can't be blamed, it was dark. At this time of the year, darkness is pretty much like fog. When it's foggy, the fog is everywhere, even though you can't see it where you're standing, only in the distance. So is darkness, it's there even if you think it isn't, even if you had lights on. But just you try and take pictures. Sneaky bastard, darkness.

Oh, there are also some new beautiful kitchen things in the photo - my spanking new serving bowl and wooden serving spoon. Ohh how I adore them. 'Twas about time for me to get myself some things to serve the food I make with.

Aand back to the risotto. Let me introduce you, Red Wine Risotto with Ham. I was trying to come up with an idea for dinner until it was too late to come up with anything anymore and I just had to go into the kitchen and improvise. This happens quite often, let me tell you. So, we had red onions, left over wine, risotto rice, parmesan cheese and, found only later but just in time in the fridge, some kind of ham. So, I put it all together and magic happens.

..Have I ever told you I love cooking?

Vilina, this is for you.

Red Wine Risotto with Ham

  • olive oil
  • two small red onions, chopped finely
  • one garlic clove, chopped finely
  • about 3 cups red wine that goes well with ham, if I only remembered what wine I used I'd tell you right away plus water if not enough
  • about 1 cup risotto rice
  • ham, ylikypsä palvikinkku must have been the one I used, cut into pieces
  • parmesan cheese and butter
  • salt & pepper

Pour the wine (and water in case you're short on wine) in a pan, bring to a boil and reduce the heat to keep the wine at low simmer.

In another pan, heat the oil. Sauté the onion and garlic for a few minutes, until soft. Add the rice and stirring every once in a while, sauté until slightly translucent, but not brown.

If you would happen to have some else red wine of some sort, like we had something glögi-like, pour some into the pan and let evaporate. If not, pour in the first sup of the simmering wine, just so that the rice is covered with it. Wait until the rice absorbs the wine and then pour in the second sup and so on, until the rice is cooked. I'm sure you all already know how this works. And look at the colour of the rice, isn't is just to die for? Oh, do put some salt and pepper in as well, somewhere between the sups.

Before the last sup, stir in the pieces of ham. When the rice is done, check and adjust the seasoning. Then ground in the parmesan and butter, stir and taste again, ground some more if in need. Let sit for a few minutes before serving.


Today I downloaded the Windows Live Writer and I must tell you, it is quite handy. It got me so excited that I even wrote this post!


graffitihead said...

Your ever-amazing accuracy in the recipes still amazes me.

No, really, it Is rather delightful!

Maaret said...

Sometimes I wonder if writing that recipe book in the future would be the best or the worst idea I'll ever have. Let's just hope no-one never tries to really make these recipes and everything will be fine.

..Did I just say that? No, come back! These dishes can be made, they can! Just.. call me when you're lost!

Vilina said...




Tuo... tuo vaikuttaa herkulliselta. Tuskin maltan odottaa sen kokeilemista! Mitään punaviinisuosituksia, jos joudun hörppimäänkin sitä hiukan?

Iisa said...

väää! nää sun kuvat on aina niin ihania ja nättejä.
miks mää en ossaa. :D

Maaret said...

Vilina: Aapuaa, mun täytyy varmaan tunnustaa että oon vielä melko heikko mitä viinien suosittelemiseen tulee. Mutta kysyin Lauralta mitä viiniä pistin tuohon risottoon ja se sano että se oli sen nimistä ko Le Grand Noir ja etiketissä oli musta lammas. Se oli melko erikoisen makusta minusta, mutta meni tuohon risottoon varsin hyvin ja erityisesti sen kinkun kanssa.

Iisa: Höh, kiitos nyt. :D Kunhan räpsin.

Anonymous said...

Treella asun, Pispalan valtatien varressa ja vaihteeksi vaan lasten kanssa (tosin "vaan" on aika huono ilmaus, kun on kolme kissaa kolmenkymmenen neliön yksiössä).

Mietin, että vois käyttää niissä vegebrownieissa ehkä jotain soijajogurtti+mannaryynisettii. Luin jostain blogista sellaisesta ohjeesta, johon pohjattomaan juustokakkuun laitettiin mannaryynejä, että täytettä tulis enemmän tjtn. Kuulosti aika vängältä.

T: Marja