Thursday, May 14

Happy (late) 1st anniversary or the wooing bread roll

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So I'm almost ten days late wishing my blog happy first birthday. Which was, as all of you who can count and/or found their ways to the calender page know already, the 4th of this month. (Although actually, I'm not sure I even have a calender page. Does blogspot have a calender page?) I kind of thought I should make an anniversary post as all the cool kids are doing with their blogs, but then rocks fell and everybody died. I MEAN I got kidnapped. I MEAN I ran away. I MEAN-- oh this is getting us nowhere. The Real reason for the outrageous delay of this post is as follows.

I was confusingly and surprisingly well aware of the date, I didn't forget. What is more, I had pictures to show you, I had things to tell and stuff to rant about. There was just this thing called the visit of a Very important and dear friend (who just might be called Vilina, please don't chase her to Argentina because of kidnapping me) over the holidays of May Day, which led to visiting the very important and dear friend who maybe lives in Turku spontaneously and kidnappingly and ran away-y just on the evening of the 4th when I had planned to do the post. Then the next day I was going to make the post, but a certain mr. computer refused to play nicely with my camera and so I decided to drop it and try again later at home. And, well, I returned last Monday.

And what comes to the trip itself, I must say that "the Official Royal Cat Amuser and Petter is super pleased by the trip and misses her kidnapper very much" doesn't really even begin to describe it. Or, well, does begin. But is daunted well before halfway.

That's the story, then. In fact I think it's rather exciting and much more romantic to have a story to tell as an excuse for being late than just be on time every time. And that's it for today, I guess. Tune in later this week (hopefully), there's going to be a word or two about a very nice bulgur and dried cranberry salad plus a picture of this very short and not-anymore-that-new hair of mine if you'd happens have any interest towards it. Or hadn't seen it just yet.


Iisa said...

NONI! Onnea Maaretin yksivuotias blogi. :>>

Which reminds me, how about a breakfast or lunch someday?

Vilina said...

Voin kidnapata sinut joka kerta kun haluat viivytellä blogisi kanssa. Sana vain~

Kova ikävä. Täällä on niin hiljaista ja yksinäistä ilman sinua.

Maaret said...

Iisa: Blogi kiittää :D And I don't see any reason why not, a breakfast or lunch sounds great!

Vilina: Haluan viivytellä! Haluan viivytellä nyt! Nyyt nyt nyt nyt heti heti heti!

..Höh, eikö. Pyy. Ikävä on kova täällä myös. Tiiätkö, yhä uudelleen ja uudelleen yllätän itseni yrittämästä keksiä jotakin vedenpitävää syytä, joka suorastaan pakottaisi minut palaamaan. Muttako ei auttele.

Iisa said...

Voinko varata sut tän viikon sunnuntaiksi aamiaiselle ?? :>