Saturday, January 2

The year of the rabbit

..Is definitely Not this year. Whoo! But the picture's nice. In fact it's the year of the tiger this year, if you care to know.

I've been writing this post more or less the whole day. I was quite prepared to do the good ol' end of the year meme, which everyone surely remembers from the times of livejournal, but then I noticed it wasn't such a good idea, because the answers were so obvious and the whole thing would've been quite a bore to read. Then I decided to just sum up every month's happening shortly month by month, but that didn't turn out very well, either. So, instead of either of those, here's a more pensive thought to somewhat sum up last year. Because it's been on my mind all day.

A sparrow healing from a broken wing
This year a glimpse of second chances
Tiny apples on my tree's branches

All in all, such an exciting year. The most exciting in a long while. And the best thing is, a year ago now in January, I had no idea it was going to be such an adventure. Here's to hoping this year will be full of excitement and adventures, too. Your year, as well.

Happy new year 2010, everyone.


Kata said...

Maaretto~~ I miss your regular updates, do give us at least a hint of how you're doing. ;_; (Also, about your plans concerning USA, I wanna know if you're going to keep gracing our country with your presence or if the land of the free and home of the brave hogs you all to itself again.)

Maaret said...

Oh my poor little friend! Don't worry, there's going to be an update later today in which I promise to tell about my doings, so stay tuned~