Thursday, January 28

The best fried rice and small personal wins

Today I win at my personal little thing called life. But first, a truly important announcement as follows.

Dear readers, there's something you have got to do as soon as you can. You have Got to make this dish. Like, right now. This dish completely made my Month in the food side of it. Hands down.

Seriously speaking, I wasn't expecting much from this dish. It seems pretty much like humble little something you throw together in a hurry from whatever you found in your fridge. Well, it's not. It's so much more. It has pretty much everything you'd expect from an exceptionally good dish: it's affordable, it has very pleasant different textures in it that contrast each other delightfully like soft and crunchy, it's easy to make, it has different, strong flavours but not too many or different from each other and it really doesn't take but some half an hour to make. What's not to love?

Are you making it already? You aren't? Chop Chop, run to your kitchens, people! Life's short, you must taste this!

All thanks go to Jean-Georges Vongerichten for coming up with this dish, to Mark Bittman for telling us about it and to Sanna for mentioning about it to me.

Gosh, I wish I could eat this again today. And tomorrow. And the day after that.

And now back to the unrelated topic of winning in life. For those of you who don't know this, I'm terribly afraid of phones. Or in fact, phones are fine, it's the calling business that freaks me out like nearly nothing else in this world. I never ever call anywhere or anyone if I'm not downright forced to do it (with some exceptions like mom or closest friends). Whenever I just Have to call somewhere, I get so horribly nervous that I start shaking and my heart is bounding and my hands get all sweaty and when someone finally answers, I always have hard time to form coherent sentences and I forget what I was supposed to say and all this. But guess what I did today.

I called four coffee shops, two restaurants and a movie theater to enquire if they'd like to have a free employee, in other words an intern. That's seven places, people! Can you believe it! I sure can't. I'm so proud of myself.

Oh, did any of them agree to take me as an intern? No, but two of those asked me to try again tomorrow morning and other two said they'll call me back.

Yes, that means I'm staying here for a while and not going anywhere in the near future. And suprisingly, it doesn't really disturb me that much.

Ps. I'm surprised to see how many of you asked for updates. Made me feel warm and cozy inside, so thank you. :)


Anonymous said...

u know who

Maaret said...

Or at least I'm well on my way to conquer it! Yay for me!